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  • dvd to ANDROID (Media studio 2012)

    DVD to Windows Mobile phone

    The award-winning, bestselling software 'Media Studio', has once again been improved to support Android phones and tablets. With new features and more speed. DVD-to-Android allows you to watch not only DVDs, but also home movies, downloaded content and other video files on your Android device. Turn your phone/tablet into a pocket movie player. DVD conversions are up to 4 times faster in the new version. In less than 45 minutes, you can put a full movie on your phone. Now supports the new hi-res devices such as the HTCs, Sony Ericsson Xperia and Samsung phones .

    Critics and consumers love our intuitive two-click interface. Because our software is much easier to use than other products, we won two prestigious awards. Take your DVDs on the plane, train or automobile, watch them on vacation, at work or at school. With only two clicks, this (32-bit) PC software automatically converts the content of your DVD, or a video file on the harddrive to a super small movie file, which will play on any Windows Mobile device, such as HP iPaq, HTC phones and any other brand and model. from a postage stamp size memory card.

    On a 2Gb card (street price $5.00), you can store 15 feature films or 20 hours of TV or Youtube programming ! And after watching those you can put new content on it, over and over again.

    The software has many features:

    - Rip any DVD, including copy-protected movies
    - Conversion of AVI, MPEG, and DivX source files
    - Fit-to-Card (auto-adjust quality to the size of the memorycard)
    - Almost HD-quality video (up to 800x480)
    - Stereo CD quality sound
    - Convert chapters or whole movie
    - 400% faster on most PCs
    - Easiy wizard style user interface

    Only $ 17.95 / 14.95 EUR incl. free upgrades and support

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    Disclaimer: This software was not designed or produced to circumvent technology that effectively protects access to, or restricts the duplication of, copyrighted material. It has a commercially significant purpose other than to circumvent and has major non-infringing uses; being primarily designed to transcode home movies, tv-programming, personal video and audio files, and feature films from a users harddrive and/or on removable media. It does not produce digitally identical copies, but transcodes into a lossy, strongly compressed file. Its sole purpose is to enable a platform- and timeshift allowing playback of lawfully aquired content, under the fair use principle