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You can watch your movies in gorgeous full screen landscape mode with excellent sound. Please download our demo software and try it with your own DVD.

Palm Media Studio 2.5 for Pre & Pixi

The fastest DVD to Palm software on the market. In only 45 minutes, you can put a DVD on your Palm, that's 400% quicker than other software. But not only DVDs, also Youtube videos and downloaded films can be watched on your Palm, Pre, Pixi, Treo, Centro or Clié, in great quality, with stereo sound and in full screen landscape mode.

A memorycard as small as 128 Mb is enough to store a couple episodes of a tv-series,a full length feature film, or a hundred minutes of your home movies. Let your children watch their favourite TV-cartoons in the car or watch a blockbuster movie while travelling for business. With only two clicks, this PC software converts your media to a super small movie file, which will play on any compatible Palm device, such as the Pre, Pixi and Treo 650 smartphone, Centro, Palm T|X,, etc. on a postage stamp size memory card. You can use a headset or the built-in speaker to listen to the sound. Subtitled and foreign language DVDs are also supported. Try the free demo.

* TV recording hard- and software not included

Software runs on: Windows XP, 2000, NT,Vista (only 32-bit versions)

The following models are supported: PALM PRE, PIXI, WEBOS, CENTRO, TUNGSTEN C, E, E2, T, T3, T5, T|X, W, TREO 600, 650, 680, 700p, ZIRE 71, 72, CLIE TJ35, TG50, TH55, NX70, NX73, UX50, ZODIAC 1 & 2, GARMIN iQue 3series. There's also a TREO 700W version.

Download Free Trial Version - Buy full version

Includes the free TCPMP player, the best player for your Palm. More info abour software licensing on our gpl page.

This software was not designed or produced to circumvent technology that effectively protects access to, or restricts the duplication of, copyrighted material. It has a commercially significant purpose other than to circumvent; being primarily designed to transcode home movies, tv-programming, personal video and audio files, and feature films from a users harddrive and/or on removable media. It does not produce digitally identical copies, but transcodes into a lossy, strongly compressed file. Its sole purpose is to enable a platform- and timeshift allowing playback of lawfully aquired content, under the fair use principle.


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