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iPresenter for Microsoft Powerpoint

.iPhone Remote Control for Powerpoint

Remote control your Powerpoint presentations wirelessly from your iPhone, with a realtime view of your slides. Show your slides on your PC and use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a clicker. No need to buy or carry expensive special hardware, just this low-priced App Store software.

iPresenter gives you full control. Move a slideshow forward and backward and jump to the last or first slide. Best of all: you can watch a preview of the next slide or a live view of the current slide on the screen of the phone. No more rubbernecking when giving a presentation. You can talk to your audience without having to look behind you on the PC or projection screen. You may choose audio or vibration feedback, when pressing 'next slide' or no feedback at all.

You need:

* A PC with Windows XP, 2000, NT or Vista
* Microsoft Office Powerpoint
* The iPresenter PC software (free download from
* The iPresenter iPhone software (download from App Store)
* Both the PC and iPhone need to be connected to the same network via WiFi or cable.

You may read the manual for more information.

Only $ 4.95 / EUR 3.95 (