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Moviemaker for P800 (Macintosh version)
This software allows you to create movies for playback on the Sony Ericsson P800/P900 smartphone. You can take a movie from your DV-camcorder, from a website or from any other source and convert it into a small file, which is optimised for playback with the P800/P900 built-in video player. The software can do a one-click conversion of a video file to a P800/P900 movie. It also has an advanced settings window for expert users. The software dramatically reduces file sizes, so that a half hour tv-show fits onto a 32 Mb Memorystick. A feature film would fit on a 128 Mb stick.

Advanced settings allow video and audio to be improved.

Supported platforms:

Macintosh OS X/OS 9- download trial - buy full version

Windows XP/2000/NT - download trial - buy full version

The retail price is $ 14.99 for the unlimited version.

Moviemaker requires Quicktime 6.0 or higher.

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