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Our award-winning Mobile Media Studio-series lets you convert and watch your videos and DVDs to your mobile device with two clicks, and watch those in great quality. You can take any video, from any drive and convert it into a small file, which is optimised for playback on the portable device. It's available in 11 flavours: for iPod®, Nokia®, Sony Ericsson®, Motorola®, Windows Mobile, Samsung, Digital Photo Camera TomTom®, Blackberry®, Zune® and for the Playstation Portable®. All of these software programs make it possible to watch DVDs, home movies, YouTube content and downloaded films on-the-go. Pick your version from the left (yellow) menu.

Mobile TV Center is our new flagship product. A world's first: this software lets you watch TV on more than 500 mobile devices. Take your TV programs on-the-go. All the shows that your record with your Windows Media Center are automatically converted in the background and transferred to your mobile phone, iPod, Pocket PC, Palm, etc. Simply record TV-shows for your portable device by selecting a tv-show in the EPG (on-screen program guide).

Pocket Live TV lets you watch live television on your Pocket PC or Smartphone. Get 100 channels live on your phone. From 10 countries worldwide.

DVD to Pocket PC allows you to convert your DVD's to your Pocket PC and watch them in great quality, with stereo sound and in full screen landscape mode. With only two clicks, this PC software automatically converts the content of your DVD to a super small movie file, which will play on any Windows Mobile device.

Our iPhone products include Camera PRO, which lets you do more with the built-in camera and adds professional features. iSIM, which lets you batch copy all your contacts from your old cellphone to your brand new iPhone. And Media Studio for iPhone, allowing you to put DVDs and video on the iPhone.

Easy WiFi Radar makes connecting to Wi-Fi easy and free. Why pay for WiFi access when you can get it for free? Easy WiFi Radar helps you find and connect to free wireless access points with a single mouseclick. Pocket WiFi Radar is the Windows Mobile version.

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