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MOVIE Mount for ipad 2, 3 & 4

The iPad is the only video camera in the world with built-in editing and upload. The Movie Mount is a unique piece of hardware which allows you to radically improve video capture with the iPad. It turns your iPad into a complete studio. Use tele- and wide angle lenses, attach microphones and lights. Use a tripod for super stable shots and much more. Comes with a free app.

Engadget: "Turns your iPad into a serious video making machine"

Cnet: "Making movies easier on the iPad"

Mashable: "The iPad filmmaker's dream"

With the Movie Mount, you get 10 new features for your iPad (beware that the additional equipment is not incuded):

  1. Attached a tripod for stable shots, pan & tilt movements, stopmotion. Standard screwfitting.
  2. Use 37 mm conversion lenses, such as wide angle and zoom*. Such as: wide / tele
  3. Slide on-the-fly between the built-in lens and the conversion lens.
  4. Use shotgun microphones for better sound.
  5. Use an optical viewfinder to shoot in bright sunlight. Such as: US / EU
  6. Use a video light for better performance in low light. Such as: US / EU
  7. Easier iMovie and AVID editing, with a 9 degrees working angle.
  8. The mount allows your iPad to stand upright and be used as monitor.
  9. The free Movie Mount iPad app allows you to manually control video recording
  10. Fully compatible with Smart Cover.

Movie Mount

credit cardsMovie Mount is produced by Makayama and exclusively sold through this website. Lenses, tripod, microphone, lights etc. are not included with your purchase. Complimentary iPad app is free.

Order your Movie Mount for only $ 69.95 / EUR 49.95 EUR. Compatible with iPad 2, 3 & 4. Now also for iPad Mini and iPad Air (lens thread is fixed, not sliding).

Buy for iPad 2 3 4 Pre Order for iPad Mini

* Wide-angle conversion up to 0.5x and zoom-angle up to 2x. Stronger conversion lenses will cause vignetting.