Quick Start Guide


PhotoDial lets you control your iPhone with pictures. With PhotoDial you can click on your contacts' portrait to call them. Just tap on the pictures to dial your friends, business contacts and family. You may change the order for quick dialing and set the size of the pictures.

Activation and getting started

In the demo version you wil see Buy/Continue buttons during startup and after 15 times use, a message when calling a contact. In the paid version, these restrictions will be removed.

When you purchased the software, you received an activation code via email. To enter this code, click on the About tab, then Activate. Tap the Key field and enter the number. Finally, press Check. make sure your phone is able to connect to the internet during activation.

You may start the program by tapping the PhotoDial icon on the main iPhone menu. But even quicker is double-pressing the Home Button on your iPhone (the round hardware key at the bottom). To make this work, go to Preferences and set Home Button to ON. It's the easiest way to quickly launch PhotoDial.

PhotoDial will automatically show all pictures which are assigned to contacts.

You may scroll through your contacts, by dragging the pages from right to left (just like you would do in the photo album).

You may call a number by tapping the picture. If you have multiple numbers assigned to a contact, you will be prompted to choose the mobile or home number.

Assigning Pictures to Contacts

To assign a picture to a contact, you should open the standard contacts application on the iPhone (so not PhotoDial but the regular Phone application). From the Home Screen, press the green Phone button, then the Contacts tab.

Click on a contacts' Name and then press Edit. Then click Add Photo. You have the choice of using an existing picture, or taking a new one. Press Done to finish.

Next, go back to PhotoDial and your new picture appears.


Changing size and number

You may choose to have 1, 4, 9 or 16 pictures per page. You control this by pressing the Zoom buttons, indicated by + and - signs in the top row.

Pressing the + causes a zoom in and increases the picture size, while decreasing the number of pictures per page.

Pressing the - will zoom out and decrease the picture size, while increasing the number of pictures per page.

Changing order

To change the order of the pictures, click on the Contacts tab. Then tap on the right side, next to a name. Drag the contact up or down to change the order.

You can put your most often called people on the first page, for quicker dialing.
Home Button - when enabled, it allows you to click two times on the iPhone home button (located at the bottom) to start up PhotoDial.
Confirmations - when enabled, you'll be asked to confirm every call before it's performed. When turned off, it speeds up dialing.
Use Frames - when enabled, there will be a picture frame visible. You must quit and restart PhotoDial to see the effect.
Questions: contact support@makayama.com