Movie Studio for Samsung 1.0 - the most frequently asked support questions

  Your top 25 questions… And the solutions…
1) How do I redownload and/or re-activate the software  
  • You may re-download the software by logging on to your account. If you bought directly from Makayama or one of it's affilliates (all powered by Handango), your login page is here.

    Or choose one of the other distributors, where you may have bought it: Regnow, Clickapps, Mobile2Day.

    Activation keys may expire. If you need a new activation key, please email and include your original purchase confirmation data (such as order reference number, your original serialnumber, address, etc). After verification, we send you the new activation key (usually within 24 hours).

2) I receive a warning 'unsupported audio'.
  • Some DVD's (for example home-made DVD-recordables and rewritables) may contain audio tracks that our software can't handle. Make sure, if you burn your own DVDs, that they contain AC3 or LPCM sound.

Path/file error 75

  • One of the temporary files is locked. Restart the software to solve the problem. If the problem continues: restart your PC and manually delete the VIDEO_TS folder from your C:\ drive.
4) Error Message: this video has unsupported codecs
  • AVI files can contain many sorts of compression (so called codecs). Most of these are supported, some are not.
    The only workaround is to use a third-party application (for example widely available shareware/freeware tools) to convert the source file to MPEG and then use our software to convert it to the Samsung
5) Step 1 doesn't complete, it hangs. Or it gives a 'cyclic redundancy' error.
  • Your DVD disc is damaged, dirty or scratched. Please try different discs.
  • Your DVD drive is bad. If it makes much noise or ticks, it's not good. Try a different DVD drive, or different PC to check.

I receive a ‘Samsung Media Studio has encountered an error and has to shut down' error.


I cannot transfer the file to my Samsung


There are 3 ways to copy the video file from you desktop PC to the mobile phone:

  • The fastest way is by using an attached or built-in USB memorycard reader. Put the memorycard in the drive and use copy/paste. 100-minute s of video should copy over in 2 minutes. Memorycard readers are very affordable nowadays, so we highly recommend this. It's the fastest and most reliable way to do it.
  • You can also use your Bluetooth to transfer the file. This is slow and unreliable, but for small video clips it's an option. When the video arrives on your phone, it will be automatically recognised as a video file and can be opened to play.
  • You can connect your phone to a computer or hand-held device using a USB cable.
8) I'm getting black bars on top and bottom when I play a movie on my Samsung.

Samsung screens and a movie theater screen aren't the same shape. Movie screens are much wider. Today, films generally come in one of two basic widescreen sizes (called aspect ratios): 'Academy Standard' (aspect ratio 1.85:1), and 'Anamorphic Scope' (aspect ratio 2.35:1). Films in 'Academy' are widescreen (like English Patient, Toy Story or Silence of the Lambs), but do not appear quite as wide as Scope films (like Star Wars, Lawrence of Arabia, or Apollo 13). Pocket PC screens and TVs have a (1.33:1) aspect ratio.

1) To display a movie in a zoomed mode, cropping the picture from left and right, choose Zoom in the Advanced Settings. This will blowup the picture and remove the black stripes.

2) To display a movie or tv-show in its original aspect ratio, without zooming or squashing, choose that setting when asked.


My DVD holds multiple episodes, such as tv-shows, but only one gets converted.

After opening the DVD, click on Advanced and press Next three times. In the upper listbox, a default episode is chosen, change this to the episode you would like to see. Then press Next again and then Action.
10) After I press 'Action', nothing happens.
  • Restart your PC to reset all resources (cold boot).
  • If you're using subtitles, make sure that you see the preview running in the onscreen Samsung before you press Action.
11) I'm getting a 'Disk Full' message

    You need at least 4 Gigabyte of free space on your temporary disk drive. Choose the drive from the DVD Settings menu. Delete unused files if you don't have enough free space left.

12) Can't install the software
  • Please unzip the package to your DESKTOP, then install. Don't use some temporary directory and don't launch it from within Winzip.
  • Make sure you have Windows XP
  • Make sure you have a C:\ disk
  • Make sure you have the latest Winzip version from
  • Don't break off the installation too early.Don't press 'cancel' at any time during the process. Wait for all items and installation windows to disappear from your screen, this may take up to 2 minutes.
13) Norton Anti-Virus or Firewall software reports Samsung Media Studio accesing the internet. Are you sending information about me or my PC back to your company? Our software seeks access to the Internet on the following occasions:
  • To activate the serialnumber on first startup
  • From the Help Menu to display the online manual
  • From the Help Menu to display this online error database
  • From the Buy Menu to connect to the Makayama Store
  • From the Help Menu\About to connect to the Makayama website.

All other firewall alerts are false. Our software does NOT connect to the internet to store or process information about your system, your personal data, your video files or DVDs.

14) I'm trying to convert a video file, but it won't convert, it crashes, or it has no sound. The software converts most AVI, MPEG and DV video files, however, there are video files that use non-standard file formats and compression techniques (so called 'codecs'), which our software does not natively support. Use other tools, often freely available, to convert your video to a compatible format (such as DV or MPEG) before you convert it with Palm Media Studio.
15) I cannot activate my serialnumber, the software cannot connect to the internet.

Five possible causes:

A) You have no active internet connection. Make sure you can browse to
websites etc. using Internet explorer
B) Javascript is disabled. Enable JavaScript on your Internet Explorer

1. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
2. On the Security tab, click Internet.
3. Click Default Level, and then click OK.

C) Security levels too high. Open Internet Explorer.

1. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
2. On the Security tab, click Internet, and then click Custom Level.
3. Under Active scripting, click Enable or Prompt.
4. Click OK, and then click Yes.
5. Click OK.

D) You have a firewall. Turn it off during the activation procedure.

E) You're in China. Chinese government sometimes blocks access to our
server. There's nothing we can do

14) Does your software work on Windows 2000?
  • If you have a software DVD player on your Windows 2000 machine (like WinDVD or PowerDVD) and if you can succesfully play DVD's on your PC, then you should also be able to convert DVD's to your Samsung with our software.
15) Where do I find free movies on the internet?

There is lots of of free content on the internet, which can be downloaded and converted to play on your Samsung. For example, check out these cool websites

16) Cannot find MSVBVM60.DLL
  • You see to be missing a file that is normally part of Windows XP
    please download the file (click here) and unzip it to your c:\windows directory
17) When I choose subtitles, the conversion is very slow
  • Subtitles need to be rendered in the video file, this is a time-consuming process. When no subtitles are chosen, the first step can go much faster.
18) My DVD won't open, it's not recognised
  • Restart your PC (cold boot) and try again
  • Make sure you use a factory DVD, not a DVD-R(w)
  • Clean your DVD disc


19) My problem is not in this list

Contact tech support and provide your serial number (mail support is for registered users only)



updated 4-July--06