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mobile tvMobile TV Studio PRO

This professional software solution allows companies to tap into the lucrative market of mobile TV. With the software it's possible to offer your video content to more then 200 mobile devices. End-users may watch your videos over-the-air via 3G or WiFi.

Mobile TV Studio Pro is the easiest tool for broadcasters, publishers and others with a video or tv catalogue, to create mobile TV which can be delivered over-the-air to consumers. The solution integrates seamlessly in the production flow of web-video and content management systems. No manual intervention is needed, everything is fully automated. Retrieval and conversion of the content, distribution of the mobile clients, content delivery on the end-user's phone, statistics, etc.

Mobile TV Studio Pro consists of a back-end encoder and server solution, and a number of mobile client applications, which can be distributed via SMS and Wap Push to end-users. Consumers do a one-time software install on their phone and are then able to watch mobile tv with the click of a button.

tv on cellphoneMobile TV Studio Pro will be launching in 2008 with one of the biggest web video companies in Europe, Zoom.in. They'll be using our solution to roll out mobile tv in key european markets in 2008. The mobile tv market is booming and expected to grow 200% in 2008. Zoom.in will provide news, sports and entertainment clips, with 50 new content items every day.



Another partner that has chosen Makayama's Mobile TV solution for a pilot project is NPO, the biggest Dutch public broadcaster, with 3 national TV-channels, reaching a 40% audience market share. NPO will be playing out a daily selection of the best Dutch tv programs on mobile phones. Makayama builds a fully automated backend solution and will distribute mobile client software for Java, Symbian en Windows Mobile phones.

BrightFinally, Bright, a multi-media publisher of tech and lifestyle media in print, web and television will be launching a Makayama-powered mobile TV portal, allowing their audience to watch a new video every day via the mobile web.

We take a completely new approach to Mobile TV. Our solution works out-of-the-box with more then 200 existing phones, including many of the popular Nokia, Sony Ericsson and HTC devices. The mobile industry has been pushing a mobile broadcasting standard, DVB-H, but there are only 2 mobile phones that can show DVB-H content. So if you want to reach an audience 100 times bigger, the Makayama software is the only solution on the market that supports both Windows Mobile, Java and Symbian handsets and supports the highest number of models. The commercial advantage is clear: using Makayama technology, content providers are able to to gain the highest possible market share using a single production tool. More info? Send an email to business (a) makayama.com

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