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mosquitoes FOR iPhone 3GS

Augmented reality game that lets you kill pesky mosquitoes flying around you in virtual space. Watch through the camera and you see tens of mosquitoes around you. On the ceiling, hovering above the floor, on your left and to your right.

This fun game uses the compass and accelerometer for a super realistic 'augmented reality' effect. The animated mosquitoes are projected in the real world, which you see through the camera lens. Here's a YouTube gameplay video:


There are two modes:

1) Shoot Out. Kill as many mosquitoes as you can in just two minutes. Fast and furious.

2) Precision. Proof to be a marksman in virtual space. You get only 10 bullets and 10 mosquitoes. Don't waste your ammunition and don't waste time.

Play this awesome AR game against your friends and see who gets the highscore.

For 3GS only! Does NOT work on iPhone 3G, 2G or iPod. Only $0.99 / 0.79 EUR

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