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You can watch your movies in gorgeous full screen landscape mode with excellent sound. Please download our demo software and try it with your own DVD.

License information

Some of Makayama's products are bundled with or contain elements that are released under open source licenses, such as Creative Commons, LGPL and GPL. On this page you find an overview with links and sourcecode.

Architecture for iPhone & iPod contains information from Wikipedia, released under Creative Commons. A full list of references is here. All pictures which were used in the application have been licensed under CCBY Attribution license. The attribution is done in the application itself, beneath the pictures.

Smartphone Media Studio - This software is bundled with Betaplayer version 0.4, the open-source media player developed by Gabor Kovacks. Downloads: Binary - Source

Palm Media Studio - This software is bundled with TCPMP player version 0.71, the open-source media player developed by Gabor Kovacks. Downloads: Binary - Source

Media Studio for TomTom - The video player is based on Mplayer. It receives commands from a seperate, proprietary userinterface application via a pipe. Source of our Mplayer version is here.

Media Studio (all versions) - The mpg4 encoder is based on FFmpeg and released under LGPL. The FFmpeg project page can be found here. Downloads Source - Diff1 - Diff2

Digital Camera Media Studio - Merging of Casio files is done by a DLL via a pipe, uses parts of Virtual Dub. Source - Diff

Old versions of Mobile Media Studio and DVD-to-Pocket PC 4.0 - Subtitles done by a OCX via a pipe, contain parts of DVDx. Current Media Studio-versions no longer use this. Source - Diff

Makayama is officially licensed for audio and video codecs it uses in it's software. More info on the webpages of the licensing bodies such as MPEGLA and VIA Licensing. Makayama has written permission to redistribiute and bundle Betaplayer (later called TCMP) from the original author Gabor Kovacks.


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