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VOICE DIAL for iPhone®

Speech recognition for the iPhone. Dial numbers without looking at the screen. It's faster than the touchscreen and safer in your car. Get voice activated calls now.

Record voice samples for any contact in the addressbook. Just speak to dial the number. The software uses a modern speech recognition algorithm which gives excellent results in real life situations.

The software works with all languages. It does not depend on a dictionary or vocabulary, but it stores your speech samples and links them to contacts. When you're on the go, VoiceDial lets you keep in touch even when your hands are full. It's as easy as saying, "John Smith" or "Call Anne". And you'll be automatically notified of free updates via App Store.

What the press says:

Gizmodo: "Voice dialing is one of the iPhone's missing features, but Voice Dial goes a long way to patching it up and works well"

The Mercury News: "One that stands out is Makayama.com's "VoiceDial" program. It works as advertised. VoiceDial had no problems recognizing the contact I wanted to call, even when it was similar to other names I'd recorded. And with the new hands-free law in effect here in California, it definitely fills a need."

Engadget: " Voice Dial for iPhone delivers everything you'd expect from a voice dial app"

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